Drug Addict

When someone refers to a drug addict, it involves someone experiencing substance dependence. This is what happens from repeated drug use, and makes users develop an adaptive state, further resulting in withdrawal when ceasing drug use. Regarding an addiction to drugs, there is a difference; it's defined as out of control, compulsive use whilst disregarding any consequence.

To define a addict, this can be best determined when the withdrawal symptoms occur. It is especially diagnosed when the person persistently returns to the drugs, despite possible problems they might be having related to the usage.

One way the body reacts to abstaining from drugs is withdrawal. This simply means the individual has developed a dependence syndrome. The syndrome often makes the person experience unpleasant states, making them feel down and therefore pushing them to return to the drug more.

The symptoms of withdrawal vary from person to person, but can involve emotional and physical effects. Additionally, dependence can vary due to the type of substance the person used; taking into account dose and frequency of use.

When treating a drug addict, most prefer the approach of total abstinence. This is due to some believing still using will prolong completing recovery, and further creating other complications regarding the drug use.

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