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Being addicted to a drug or substance can be quite complex; however it is still treatable. A drug addict is someone who continuously seeks and craves the substance, despite any potential consequences at the time. Sometimes, people develop a chronic addiction, defined by reoccurring relapses when absent from use.

If someone is experiencing a chronic addiction to drugs, they might then require a continuous amount of treatment so that the relapse periods increase over time, and lessen in number. Some people recover completely and tend to lead 'normal' lives, whereas some still need additional, sometimes ongoing, support. Though the main goal of recovery is being able to manage the addiction, often this means people have to stop completely.

Treatments vary for each individual, based on what kind of drugs are involved, how much have been taking, other medical complications, and how it is affecting the person's life. To dictate the best kind of recovery for an individual drug addict can be based on various factors such as choice of drugs, personality, view on religion and if they're spiritual, their mental and physical health, and availability of programs.

The taboo surrounding addiction, and what works best differs all the time. In some programs, specifically for alcohol addiction, controlled consumption is promoted; whereas with opioid addiction, they try replacement therapy using alternative drugs that are legal. Some of these, which are available to treat psychologically addictive drugs, are benzodiazepines. These can help with detoxification among many drug addicts.

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